Dee District Salmon Fishery Board




The season will run from 1st February to 15th October up to Aboyne Bridge. Above Aboyne Bridge the season will close on 30th September.




Salmon and Grilse: Prior to 1st April it is a criminal offence to retain a salmon or grilse. By law any salmon or grilse that is severely injured or damaged, dies or is killed before this date must be returned to the river. After 1st April there should be 100% catch and release for the entire season. Sea Trout (incl Finnock): There should be 100% catch and release for the entire season.



At the beat’s discretion spinning is a permitted option for the whole river between 1st February and 15th April. In addition spinning is permitted in August and September from the top of Maryculter Beat downstream. It is recommended that fly fishing should always be given a fair try in preference to spinning. Note spinning is not permitted anywhere in October. No more than 1 hook per lure to be used.




It is recommended that all hooks should be barbless or crimped. No treble hooks should be used.




On the Dee after 1st April all severely injured or damaged fish should be handed to the proprietor. This applies to all beats.




On the Cowie and the Carron it is illegal to kill a salmon or grilse throughout the entire season. This is due to the Scottish Government classifying these two rivers as Category 3 under the terms of the 2016 salmon conservation regulations.




Irrespective of the date of capture all fish handling should be kept to a minimum to avoid damage and stress. Guidelines on how to do this are available on




It is illegal to sell rod caught wild salmon or sea trout.




All anglers are requested to disinfect waders and landing nets prior to fishing to prevent the introduction of Gyrodactylus salaris and other diseases to the Dee. Further information is available at




 All pink salmon must be killed, retained and reported to the River Office on the 24hr number: 01339 880411





Remember the Dee DSFB needs the vital help and support of all Proprietors, Ghillies and Anglers to realise the twin objectives of sustaining and enhancing the river’s fish stocks and maintaining a viable, thriving fishery.



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